Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Exclusive: Issue 1 Cover

Model: Baby Lovedoll - modelmayhem.com/lovedoll
Photographer: PalinOptika Sudios - www.palinoptika.com
Art: Tim Victim - www.timvictim.com
Layout/Design: Lenore - www.myspace.com/philthyangel

Aesthetic Evolution: A New Revolution of Body Modification

For thousands of years, human kind has been altering the physical state of the body, utilizing tattoos, piercings, scarification and other means as marks of identification, be they for ritualistic, spiritual or beautification purposes. In an era where one can willingly lend the flesh to permanent change, there comes a single question that holds a plethora of answers.

Why do we modify?

Exploring all of the numerous reasons and responses, Aesthetic Evolution gets in the hearts and minds of individuals in order to share their personal journeys through words and photographs. The purpose is to educate and enlighten the public about all forms of body modification, showcasing people from all walks of life in an attempt to unify a community that still gets the ignorant stares and comments of the general public.

In the same vein as other efforts, Aesthetic Evolution strongly encourages participation, and all are treated as equally important. Let your voices be heard and your pride of modification be seen. Come join the new revolution of body modification, taking it out of the hands of mainstream society and giving it back to the tribal cultures from which they were born.


  1. We modify because it's what we think it is beautiful. :)

  2. We modify because we can make the conscious choice to do it, regardless of the perceived consequences.