Saturday, April 10, 2010

Contributing to the Magazine

Currently collecting information for the second issue of Aesthetic Evolution. There is currently no set release date, but the sooner I can get this done, the better.


Anyone with a moderate amount of modifications. The more, the better.

Individual interviews are arranged into articles that use your own words, not just shout outs to the shops and penned by some person with a silly nick name.

Artist and shop interviews are pretty much the same, and all articles are accompanied by photographs.

Particularly interested in persons with heavy mods, i.e. large portions of the body covered in tattoos, large gauge piercings, etc.

In addition to that, the mods are not restricted to what most people are familiar with. Would love to find people that practice other forms of body modifications, such as serious waist training or having extremely long hair or nails.


Perhaps the most important part of the 'zine is the first image people are greeted with. The cover model also receives an extensive profile and feature article, as well as a full page pin-up. This individual must embody the overall message of the 'zine and will also act as a promoter for their issue.


While I take great pride in the fact that that Aesthetic Evolution is a DIY venture, it would be nice to have a couple of other voices alongside my own.

Seeking writers for the following:

+Beauty: Make-up tutorials, product reviews; anything goes so long as it can some how be related to the intended subject.

+Fashion: How what we wear on our skin goes with what we wear in it.

+Local Reports: A chance to interview your favorite shop/artist.

+Editorials: Opinionated and not afraid to show it? Your words belong here.


Digital copy of your article to display where you please.

Print copy of the issue your article/photos appear in.


As a bonus to Issue 2 of Aesthetic Evolution, I thought it would be fun to shoot a full-size calendar.

Currently, there are eight slots open, and I am offering the choice of month in a first come first serve fashion.


To bring attention to my humble publication, I would love to have a right and proper party of sorts for the next issue of Aesthetic Evolution. Anyone that wants to volunteer to make this happen would have my undying thanks. Seeking sponsors and any suggestions of how to pull this off.

Part of the release would entail a competition of sorts, which would not only judge a persons body art and their dedication to the culture, but also their knowledge of its history. In other words, it's not just about alt-scene-whores and how much skin they can show.

If you are interested in anything mentioned here, please contact me ASAP.

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