Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Aesthetic Evolution is not the run-of-the mill body modification magazine. The main focus is on educating the general public in order to cut down on stereotypes. Each article is comprised from interviews and utilize the subject's own voice for a more personal feel, along with striking photographs that depict their chosen body adornments.

Issue 2 is currently in production, and as a single person writer/editor/publisher team, it would be nice to have some extra hands working on the project. The interviews are being taken care of, but there are plenty of other subjects that can make riveting articles. While the main theme is body modification, there is room for more than coverage on tattoos, piercings, scarification and so on. Rituals, suspensions, tattoo conventions, shop openings, band interviews, music/movie/product reviews and beauty/fashion are all elements that I feel would make wonderful additions. Interviews with individuals with more extreme modifications [amputation, cosmetic surgery, waist training, muscle building, etc.] are also welcomed.

When replying, please include a little information about yourself and why you are interested in contributing. It would be preferred if you have writing experience, and having an example of your previous work definitely gets the right attention.

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