Friday, May 28, 2010

Issue 1 is On-Line Now!!!

There has been much consideration behind the choice of whether or not to put Issue 1 of Aesthetic Evolution on the Internet. Partly due to the fact I am overly paranoid, which stems from past problems with people copying, stealing or otherwise making theft of things I have written. However, in an effort to promote the [eventual] print version of the magazine, as well as this space, I decided to upload most of the issue into a gallery on Facebook. Which will be the only place that the issue will be available for viewing.

This project is all about interaction, and I would love to hear from various people from all corners of the globe. Also, if you have an Internet connection [or hey, even if have to borrow it from a friend], it takes but mere minutes to leave a comment or submit something you would like to see in the blog. The more people make their voices heard, the more the rest of society will realize that being tattooed, pierced and modified in general is far more than trend, fad or fashion statement. It is a culture rich in history that has survived thousands of years and continues to evolve.

Stories, photos, news articles, and product reviews are all welcome!

If you are interesting in submitting content for either the magazine or the blog, please do not hesitate to e-mail me:

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