Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deck Art Show

In an effort to make this space as interactive as possible, I decided to give the opportunity to be a writer to pretty much anyone who wanted to volunteer their time. So far I have had a great response and look forward to seeing what people have to offer. The whole point of being in a community is to share news, ideas and other information in the hopes of educating, enlightening and otherwise opening up the mind to accept body modifications [as well as those who enjoy them] as a popular culture and not just a fashion trend.

This article was submitted by Brittney Herz, a recent graduate from Salisbury University with a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in History. She is a tattoo enthusiast and hopes to expand her freelance career (very soon) as a photographer and has hopes to be a novelist.

In Ocean City, Maryland, Dimensions held the annual Deck Art Show that displayed skateboard decks painted and designed by various artist in the surrounding areas on May 26th. There was mass quantities of beer, food, people, tattoos, and of course decks. The turn out was impressive, maybe maximum capacity for the two story retail store which usually specializes in apparel, decks, and piercing.

Downstairs people were crowded together stuffing their faces with food from Mother’s Cantina while the upstairs displayed all the deck art on the brightly painted red walls. Most people just came to enjoy the atmosphere, and the alcohol, like Casey Johnson (pictured below) who usually comes to Dimensions for her clothing but came the 26th for the art. The decks weren’t just to be gawked at, they were also available for purchase.

Some boards were designed more intricately then others, making the prices vary. Many were based on humor while others were representing Maryland pride.

Trevor Howeth (pictured below), an apprentice at Explosive Tattoos in Salisbury, Maryland, designed a board that had a Maryland flag, a skull face, and of course "Maryland: We Got Crabs". He said the whole idea took a few hours from paper to the board. Another board sported an Oriole on Black-Eyed Susans underneath a bright blue crab in the sky.

Deck Art Shows seem to become ramped during the summer months from Philly to Vermont to California. There’s even a day, June 21st, dedicated as National Skate Day. Skateboards have evolved since their beginnings in the 1950's, in California, when the idea came about that you could surf on land. The emphasis on art came in the mid 1960's when skateboarding was losing popularity and people started having to make their own boards due to the collapse in retail available.

The Deck Art Show at Dimensions, besides being a good excuse to hang out and drink, showed that tattoo art is not just popular on people’s skin. Traditional and new school tattoo designs are showing up on clothing, wallets, shoes, stickers, and obviously skate board decks.

Right Coast Tattoo will be opening soon in Fenwick, Delaware and an opening party is taking place June 26th showing the tattoo culture is growing on the Eastern Shore.

Dimensions is located right on the Ocean City Boardwalk on South Atlantic Ave.

Article & Photos: Brittney Herz
Facebook: Brittney Dianne

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