Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interview: Sage 13

Photo: Saquan Stimpson

What are your beliefs about the body modification industry?

The body is a canvas for art. Some people express themselves through this canvas.

When did you first get your tattoo and where is it located on your body?

My first tattoo was done with a homemade tattoo machine in my beach house when I was 17. It was a snowflake that has been covered up by another tattoo. Now I choose carefully where my tattoos go. All my tattoos have a story to go with them. They are about my personal life struggles. I would have to say that the ink on my lower stomach is my favorite tattoo. It has the most detail, took the longest and by far the most painful one I have gotten so far!

What are your thoughts on suspension?

I will watch it, but I would never do that myself.

How do you feel about people who go to the extreme with body modification?

In some cultures it is necessary. It is all about expression. Some choose to express themselves differently than others.

What do you find most appealing about body modification?

Tattoos can be mysterious. If you talk to a person about their body mods, you can understand their story. Otherwise there is that mystery to the person. To me it's like seeing a book with a great cover and wanting to read it right then and there.

Photo: Thomas Kelper

Do you think in some ways its necessary to hide body modifications for a job interview or when performing your job?

I do. Even though tattoos are very popular, they are not accepted with everyone. There is a lot of close minded people out there still and get offended at the smallest things.

Do you think that today's society has become too judgmental about body modification?

In some places yes. I traveled recently and my home area I see people with tattoos everywhere. But when I was away I only saw a handful of tattoos. When i walked by showing mine there was a certain uncertain look about people who saw my ink.

Is there anything that you wish you didn't have or that you would like to change?

Not really. I chose my ink and artists carefully. All of my tattoos are a part of who I am. I can't change me so therefor I don't want to change my ink.

Do you find enjoyment when getting tattooed, pierced, etc.?

It's a rush. Painful at times, but worth it in the end.

Have you ever had an issue when dealing with any type of body modification?

I have one piece on my back that if it gets too hot, the ink raises up. Then it itches until it cools off. Then I have another that was done twice, and it scarred up underneath. Also, I had more piercings, but with various personal health issues I had to take some out.

What hurt the most when dealing with body modifications?

Piercing pain was over fast. Tattoo pain, depending on the size and location, was more intense.

Interview conducted by Jess Angel.

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