Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't Hold Me Down

Have you ever had something hold you back from your hobbies or maybe even your dreams? Everyone, from one time or another has dealt with something that has made it harder or slowed them down from reaching their destination. One man from Thomaston, Georgia has a very unique story himself.

Cris Black has been piercing since January of 2007, but has very few himself. This is bizarre to most people, because of the popular stereotype that body modification artists having a lot themselves. Cris doesn’t have any piercings because his body rejects them. “I have an auto-immune condition that caused a kidney disease. I was originally diagnosed when I was 18 and was given a life expectancy of not seeing my 21st birthday. The drugs that I have taken to treat the disease knocks out my immune system rather effectively so, my body can't handle the stress of healing a piercing. It has a very, very tough time healing tattoos,” Cris says.

Since then, Cris has been taken off of these medications and is going to get his first fresh skin piercing in 6 years. He will be getting both conches punched at 2g, and have glass jewelry placed inside. He says he is not so much worried about the healing, but more concerned of the pain.

Besides starting his own collection, Cris also does piercings. He works a lot with his “bill paying” job, but tries to pierce during his free time. He “rents a chair” at a studio in the town where he lives in, where he has some paying clients and also does play piercing. [Below is a photo of one of his clients and “Chest Play”.]

By: Samantha Thacker



  1. Hello, Cris Black here.

    A tiny bit of clarification is needed I feel.

    I am not a tattoo artist, I am a piercer.
    I once gave myself a tattoo under the direct supervision of a tattoo artist, and was told to never even think of touching a tattoo machine again... ever...

    The woman in the photographer is Megan F. who, on may 5th, let me do this 19 needle play on her chest and also an 88 needle play on her back in the same evening.

    For more information about me, and for many more images of play piercings and corset work that i have done, please visit my online portfolio at via the link i will provide at the bottom of this post.

    My username on is Freakychild.