Saturday, June 19, 2010

Interview: Samura

What do you think about body modifications today?

I think they are amazing. The industry has come a long way, and everyone like to express themselves in different fashions. As long as the industry stands tall and grows, everyone will continue to push and see how far they can go with it.

How many tattoos, piercings, etc do you have?

10 tattoos and 6 piercings. I was 18 when I got my first tattoo, and it was the rose above my right breast! I'm planning on getting more tattoos. It's addicting! I just always wanted tattoos and piercings, so I really can't pinpoint what influenced me to get them. Body modifications has made it easier to express myself.

For me, getting pierced or tattooed is like a void being filled. I have never had any issues dealing with body modifications, though the healing process is what hurts the most.

Tattoos are my favorite. Your body is the canvas and you can paint whatever you want on it. I think it's amazing how a simple picture can come alive with the right artist.

Is there anything that you wish you didn't have or that you would like to change?

The Kanji on my was a mistake.

What are your thoughts on suspension?

It's amazing to look at, but I'm too scared to do it. [laughs]

Unlike today's industry do you think in someways its necessary to cover up tattoo's and piercings for a job interview or when performing your job?

I think it all depends on the position you have with a company, and yes, I do believe you should at least look more professional at job interviews.

Interview conducted by Jess Angel.

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